will help you to easily create Boolean searches across multiple platforms and store them for future searches. If you don’t have experience with creating Boolean search strings, don't worry. With few clicks you will create a string that you can start using like a pro. This tool also helps you to get around the search restriction that LinkedIn recently rolled out.

You can use it for free, but unregistered users are limited by the number of searches per day and number of keywords. For registered users there is almost no limit for LinkedIn and Google Plus. Users with a premium account can use even more keywords, unlimited searches, synonyms and more.

Every registered member will get Pro account for 7 days for free. You can try searching for people on Twitter, GitHub, Stack overflow, Facebook and more.

We developed this tool to learn with every search; more and more synonyms will be appearing each time you search, so your searches will be better every time. Enjoy our tool and check our Facebook or Twitter for news, information and special offers.

Number of strings generated:250,751

Number of strings generated by month: 231287